Aroma Therapy  Massage

60min / $90
75min / $110
90min / $130

This incorporates both Swedish and Manual Lymphatic Drainage Techniques and is designed to encourage the natural circulation of the Lymph system through the body helping detoxify, de-stress and re-energise.


Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

30min / $65
45min / $80

This massage style uses deep tissue techniques concentrating on the Back, Neck and Shoulders using the Thermal Red Pepper Massage Oil. These are the most common areas for stress and tightness to accumulate throughout the day.

 Hot Stone Massage

60min / $110
75min / $120

Hot Stone Therapy is a unique experience which benefits the lymphatic system creating gentle but efficient drainage. It improves skin firmness and vibrancy and provide deeper relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage

60min / $120

Deep tissue massage is a combination of deep tissue massage techniques which are employed to release tension in the soft tissues to improve functioning and range of motion, relieve pain, induce relaxation and promote healing and wellbeing throughout the body we use our Thermal Red Pepper Massage Oil to ensure deeper penetration into the muscles.

Four Hands Massage

60min / $175

This treatment uses the synergy created when two people and four hands work together. Imagine duet therapists working in harmony massaging aroma oil all over your body in synchronised waves. During this massage you will completely surrender to relaxation.

Traditional Indian Head Massage

30min / $55

Indian Head massage will help you to experience deep level of relaxation, great relief and peace, enhancing health & well-being. We incorporate this with a facial massage relieving any unwanted tension along with a beautiful China Rose Hair Masque.


60min / $90

We start with a Tangerine & Rose foot soak and then use Reflexology to map the body’s meridians, helping to remove those unwanted toxins and speeding up Lymphatic drainage leaving you feeling refreshed and revived.

Add On’s


Alpha-Beta Foot Peel – $35

Full Body Dry Brush – $30

Full Body Sea Salt Scrub – $35

Full Body Mud Wrap & Hydro Pod – $65

Paraffin Wax – $30 (per body part)

Collagen Eye Mask – $15

China Rose Hair Mask with Scalp Massage – $25

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