J’Adore Royalty for a Day (3hrs 30min)

This luxurious package incorporates head to toe pampering starting with a Tangerine & Rose Foot Soak, a full body Hot Stone Massage, a tailored USPA Signature Facial, Traditional Indian Head Massage then ending with a Spa Pedicure & Polish to revive those tired feet.

Cost: $350

The Ultimate Hydration Package (1hr 45min)

Banish dull, dehydrated skin by indulging with a Tangerine & Rose Foot Soak, Full Body Coffee & Sea Kelp Contouring Scrub and Mud Wrap to detoxify and contour your entire body, paired with our Hydro Pod the steam infuses the products deeper into the skin layers we then customise a facial tailored specifically for your skin needs and then complete this package by applying our luxurious Organic Coco Cream over the entire body, you will emerge feeling fresh and glowing!

Cost: $250

Taste of Paradise: (2hr 15min)

Pure relaxation to soothe the mind and body, starting with a Tangerine & Rose Foot Soak, Full Body Dry Brush Exfoliation, luxurious Full Body Massage, Traditional Indian Head Massage and our amazing Essential Facial tailored to improve the texture and tone of your skin.

Cost: $200

Time is of The Essence (1hr 15min)

This face and body sensation begins with a 30 minute Aromatic Massage to help de-stress and unwind. Then re-hydrate your face with a tailor made Facial Treatment for your needs,this is a perfect combination for our time pressed clients.

Cost: $120


If you would like to create your own spa package or design a program to suit a group, please talk to our helpful staff prior to making your appointment.

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